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Mudrā (Mudra)

Mudrā Mudra refers to a seal, a closure, or a gesture.  It is a form of non-verbal mode of communication and a means of self-expression that may encompass the use of an entire body or just a simple hand position. Despite the fact that mudra is a very old and widespread tradition, its origin is … Continue reading “Mudrā (Mudra)”

Pañcarakṣā sūtra

Books have been a major part of human life since ancient times. They have enabled people to learn new things, tell stories and histories and share knowledge and information. They have long been a source of one’s imagination, entertainment, and creativity, way before transportation and communication were readily available. Brief History on Books Its origin … Continue reading “Pañcarakṣā sūtra”

Five Wisdom Buddha

Five Wisdom Buddha (Pancha Dhyani Buddha) The Five Wisdom Buddhas or Pancha Dyani Buddha are the primordial Buddhas that represent the five Buddha families and purified manifestations of the five pearls of wisdom (pañca-jñāna) of the Dharmakaya Buddha. They are also known as the five Tathāgatas or Meditation Buddhas (Dhyani Buddha). Similarly, they also represent … Continue reading “Five Wisdom Buddha”

Professor Götz Hagmüller

Name Prof. Götz Hagmüller Born 1939 Address Vienna Nepal visit 1968 Education Film and Television at the Academy of Fine Arts (Vienna), 1962 Architecture from the Technical University in Vienna, 1966 Studies in Urban Development Planning at the London University, 1972 Major Work Cultural Heritage Preservation Projects Bhaktapur Development Project, 1979-83 Swayambhunath Conservation Master Plan, … Continue reading “Professor Götz Hagmüller”

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Seto Bhairab aka Swett Bhairab
Seto Bhairab aka Swett Bhairab is set against the Basantapur Palace wall but not very well visible behind the wooden screen. A snarling ten-foot-high gilded head of Seto Bhairab is the fierce manifestation terrifying and blood swilling aspect of Lord Shiva, one of the most revered deities of Nepal, sacred to Hindus and Buddhists alike. Bhairab is invoked in prayers to destroy enemies.


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